Another Chance to Participate in Multiple-Partner Maintenance Study

Image: Color photo of three people who appear female, wearing backpacks and standing together outside on grassy hill with arms around each other. My colleague Dr. Justin Mogilski has collected a team of experts (including me, Dr. Eli) to study how people in polyamorous and other consensually nonmonogamous relationship mantain their multiple-partner relationships. So far …

Participate in Research on Sustaining Multiple Partner Relationships?

The Multi-partner Relationship Maintenance Study is seeking participants! An international team led by Dr. Justin Mogilski (and including me, Dr. Eli) is conducting research on how people sustain their multiple-partner relationships. If you are currently in one (or more) romantic and/or sexual relationship(s), please participate in our study about how people maintain multiple intimate partners. …

Participate in Research on CNM Relationship Maintenance?

Are you currently in, or have you been in a consensually non-monogamous relationship (e.g., swinging, polyamorous, or open relationship) and want to contribute to science? My colleagues and I are conducting a study looking at the practices and guidelines that people in CNM relationships follow to help manage relationships with multiple partners. I hope that …

Relationship Broken Add More People? New Psych Today Blog from Dr. Eli Sheff

In my newest blog on Psychology Today I explore the reasons why people in damaged relationships might not want to use polyamory to fix their broken relationship, what they might do instead, and the one caveat when polyamory can help an ailing relationships survive and even thrive.

Continuing Education Webinar on Distinguishing Sex Addiction from CNM Sept. 27

I am looking forward to a fruitful collaboration with Rachel Needle and the Modern Sex Therapy Institutes. On Friday September 27 I will present a webinar on Distinguishing “Sex Addiction” from Consensual NonMonogamy from noon to 1 pm, Eastern time. #polyamory #sexuality #continuingeducation #therapy #counseling#sexualdiversity #love #relationships