Lexi Sylver at SDC Interviews Dr. Eli Sheff

Lexi Sylver at Seek Discover Create interviewed me for her podcast — you can find our chat here https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/voice-america/sdc-presents-seek-discover-create-with-lexi-sylver/e/59121662 Image is of a split frame with a person who appears to be a smiling white woman with dark curly hair wearing black and red (on the right side of the frame) and an abstract heart …

National Public Radio’s 1A Interviews Dr. Eli Sheff

On Monday Feb. 18 at 11 am I am interviewing on National Public Radio’s 1A to discuss polyamory with the host Joshua Johnson and a panel that includes Janet Hardy, Ron Young, and Crystal Farmer. If you have any questions you would like to ask on air, you can leave questions and comments at 855-236-1212, or use the app, 1A VoxPop.  https://the1a.org/