Another Chance to Participate in Multiple-Partner Maintenance Study

Image: Color photo of three people who appear female, wearing backpacks and standing together outside on grassy hill with arms around each other.

My colleague Dr. Justin Mogilski has collected a team of experts (including me, Dr. Eli) to study how people in polyamorous and other consensually nonmonogamous relationship mantain their multiple-partner relationships. So far we have designed a series of surveys — see Dr. Mogilski’s message below for more information on how to participate:

Image: Color photo of three people walking in the woods, viewed from the back. Person appears perhaps female with long hair wearing white in center holding hands with two people, one on each side, wearing dark sweaters.

Hi everyone!

This is Justin Mogilski. I’ve been posting academic surveys about consensual non-monogamy for a little while now (link). Each time I do this, I learn something new, publish it in a peer-reviewed journal, and try to improve my study design.

Below is the current instantiation of my labor of love. I lead an international team studying relationship maintenance practices among people who have multiple romantic, sexual, or otherwise intimate relationships (e.g., polyamory, open relationships, swinging, solo poly, etc.). This project is funded by an ASPIRE grant from the UofSC Office of the Vice President for Research (link). We do not receive funding from other sources.

We’re looking for participants 🙂

If you have some time and currently have one (or more) intimate relationships, please complete any (or all!) of the following surveys. Some people have said the surveys are a bit longer (30+ minutes each, sorry), but the more info we have, the more detailed our conclusions will be.

The topic of each survey is masked to prevent sampling bias. Each has received ethics approval from the UofSC institutional review board. 

Survey #1:

Survey #2:

Survey #3:

I always appreciate feedback. And thank you!-


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