Expert Witness and Legal Consultant

Dr. Eli Sheff provides expert witnessing for court cases related to child custody, consensual non-monogamy and BDSM.

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Relationship Consultant

These ongoing coaching sessions are designed to help Polyamorous, BDSM and Gender Minorities identify relationship patterns, clarifying boundaries and improve communication skills for managing their unconventional relationships.

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Media Consultant

Dr. Eli Sheff is one of the leading experts on consensual non-monogamy in the United States and the foremost expert on polyamorous families with children worldwide, sharing her expertise with prestigious publications like CNN, New York Times and NPR.

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Corporate and Public Speaking

With an informative, entertaining, and accessible speaking style, Dr. Eli Sheff frequently designs and conducts seminars on sex, race, and gender diversity to corporations, nonprofits, universities and health professionals.

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Academic and Publication Editing

Dr. Eli Sheff provides a wide range of professional writing services. From editing legal, business and academic publications, to content development for websites, and newsletters, all the way to ghost writing, Dr. Eli Sheff will edit your work, help with word choice, grammar, flow, and clarity.

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