I would like to enthusiastically endorse Dr. Eli Sheff. She is an amazing facilitator and presenter. She has provided at least 2 trainings for our professional community. Each time she was informative, engaging, and funny. She brings a wealth of information regarding the polyamorous world and delivers it in way in which anyone can understand and implement into practice.

Dr. Sheff has proven herself as a leader in the field of researching and understanding polyamorous relationships, their lifestyles, and the impact on children of the poly families. We turn to her and her research for data on the poly community.

Again, I strongly recommend Dr. Sheff for all endeavors.”

~ Natalie Elliott, LPC, LMFT

As a relatively new member of the local kink community, I have encountered many situations involving varying degrees of consensual non-monogamy in different relationships. But as a single working mother of two children, I am constantly plagued by custody concerns, their emotional health, finding life balance and deciding on who to disclose to. After attending a weekend of sessions presented by Dr. Sheff, I feel better educated and at ease with my lifestyle choices and finding balance in my decisions.

Eli Sheff is the best presenter I’ve had the privilege of seeing in a long time. I really enjoyed her presentations not only because they were informative and valuable, but because Eli is a PHENOMENAL speaker. As an expert in Polyamory, she was able to back her information with good hard facts and a lot of research. She not only engaged everyone in the audience on multiple levels, but also facilitated the questions and comments in a respectful manner. Her sessions were valuable to anyone in any alternative lifestyle. I found myself relating the information to many different relationships I have at work, in play, and at home.

I wholeheartedly recommend her as a presenter for anyone looking for someone with excellent public speaking skills. She’s experienced with a wide variety of topics, which will allow her to engage with your entire audience. She does NOT disappoint!”

~ A.K.

Relationship Coaching

Dr. Sheff has been an invaluable resource for me as a relationship coach.  She has provided valuable insight and information regarding different relationship and communication structures, and reflection, guidance, and perspective, thus helping me gain much needed clarity. 

She has helped me access ideas for activities, systems and methods I can employ daily to find my own truth and sense of self.  She is motivating and uplifting, and extremely easy to connect and share with, especially given her compassion, warmth, and incredible sense of humor. 

Her support has been invaluable throughout my journey and I give her the highest recommendation for helping people through challenges they may be experiencing.”

~ M.K.

Thanks so much for the chatting with us today. We took so much away from the conversation & feel much more confident about talking with the kids.

It’s nice to know we have someone to turn to if & when we have questions or need some advice in the future. Up until today we’ve been a little bit of blind wanderers. So thank you! We can tell you are educated yet real… it was a refreshing combo. If we run into custody issues I will keep you posted. We never imagined ourselves in this lifestyle, but here we are.

Thanks for all you do!”

~ J., T. & A.

We were in various forms of a polyamorous relationship for over a decade before we decided to formally divorce.  “Divorce” felt like a misnomer for our intentions and experience, so we searched for different models and found Eli’s research.  It helped us greatly to think through our experience! 

We called her up for a consultation and had a great talk that has laid the groundwork for a productive process of dividing up our assets while still maintaining our sense of intimacy and closeness. 

We highly recommend talking with her if you find yourself in a similar space!”

~ P. & G.

Academic Coaching

Dr. Sheff provided me with tons of insight and information not readily accessible through usual grad help websites for applying for PhD positions.

I highly recommend Dr. Sheff if you are feeling unsure how to move forward and you need up-to-date information based on professional knowledge and experience in order to choose the best options for your career.”

~ C.S.


“Dr. Eli Sheff provided very thorough and high caliber quality services to my dissertation writing project. She is highly conversant with not only rigorous academic writing process, but also with multidisciplinary academic literature. Her scholarly advice was both empirically-based and theoretically supported, and thus always on-target. Dr. Sheff was very patient and encouraging in communication. Overall, Dr. Sheff is truly an amazing professional! Thank you so much!”  



Eli did an exceptional job of taking my unruly research document and turning it into an excellent manuscript that was accepted by a professional journal for publication. It was my first attempt at getting my work published and found Eli to be extremely patient, tenacious, consistently uplifting, positive, supportive and truly believing in the value of my work.

Fantastic editing job Eli! Fantastic making it happen! Cheers!”

~ Rami Henrich

I wholeheartedly endorse Eli as a writing coach, creative collaborator and editor. She was instrumental in keeping me grounded through the writing process, which can be a confusing journey. I especially appreciated her gentle guidance and suggestions on content. She found the blind spots in my writing, which left unattended would have changed the tone of the content and been off-putting to my audience. She met me where I was in my journey and I’m confident that she could do the same for someone else.

~Tara Spears


Expert Witnessing


Your reports are perfect. Not completely one-sided, but they explain what my client might have been doing here, and explains what he was doing in an easy-to-understand way. I think we are going to have an uphill battle, but these are exactly the type of reports I will need to take our best shot.

~JR, Defense Attorney

Counseling Case Consultations

Dr. Sheff is a wonderful consultant who provided very useful resources and strategies to me when I was in a time of need with a client. I appreciated her time and effort spent as well as her flexibility. I also appreciated her “humanness” and down-to-earth way of being when speaking with me. I would highly recommend her to other therapists looking to learn more about polyamorous relationships and the complexities that come with them. 
~Christina Simonetti, MA, RP