Media Interviews

Podcast Interviews

Sex with Timaree with Dr. Timaree Schmidt, October 8, 2013

Sex Out Loud with Tristan Taormino, March 3, 2013

The Trash Talk Show with Barb Tobias, September 27, 2012,

Polyamory Weekly, “Poly Families: New Sociological Research,”

Online Publications

2013  , Polyamory: When Three is not a Crowd by Emmannuella Grinberg, October 26.

2013            livescience, New Sexual Revolution: Polyamory May be Good For You by Stephanie Pappas, February 14

2010  , “It’s Not Swinging if You’re Committed!” February 9, 2010, Ronda Kaysen,

2010            Seattle Met, “More to Love, and Much More Time Spent on Communication” June 2010, Kathryn Robinson,

Printed Publications


2013            The Washingtonian, “Married but Not Exclusive” August, Vol.8, No. 11, Brooke

Lea Foster

2010            The Boston Globe, “Love’s New Frontier” January 23, 2010, Sandra Miller  

2009            Newsweek, “Only You. And You. And You.” July 29, 2009, Jessica Bennet


2011            Sunday London Times

2010             Mente e Cervello (the Italian edition of Scientific American),

2010             Elle magazine in Quebec

2008            Semana, Columbia

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