Each package provides $600 worth of services for a $500 retainer, saving clients $100 on Dr. Eli’s writing and coaching services.

Individualized Writing Skills Tune-Up

  • 3 hours academic coaching ($100 an hour)
  • 6 hours editing ($50 an hour)
  • Writing Assessment Report detailing changes, suggestions, and recommendations

This package is best for writers who have already written something that they want to improve, and whose larger goal is to learn to become a better writer. This package offers a critique of the existing piece, ways to improve the work, and personalized writing guidelines to practice in the future. Additionally, it offers the ability to ask questions and receive guidance, advice, assistance getting through roadblocks, and support for finishing the project. The emphasis of the Individualized Writing Skills package is on using the writing as a vehicle for skill transfer, and less on editing the entire piece, obviously depending the length and quality of the work.

Blizzard of Edits

  • 12 hours of editing for the price of 10
  • Reports of what edits have been completed, any issues remaining, and what to do to address the remaining issues

This package is best for writers who have a long piece that they do not have time to fix or finish. If you have an outline that needs to be turned into a draft, a revise and resubmit that has you flummoxed, a draft that needs an overhaul, or just want someone else to take on writing tasks to free up your time for other things, the Blizzard of Edits allows you to use all of the hours on one project or bank them for use on several projects.

From Idea to Draft

  • 6 hours of academic coaching for the price of 5
  • Written draft with plan for completion

This package is best for writers who have an idea for an article, book, thesis, or dissertation and could use some advice on how to move forward with it. Dr. Eli can help consolidate your thoughts, construct an organizational framework for the idea, and refine the elements of each section to create a cohesive whole. Writers can use the hours all at once in a marathon coaching session, or break them up in shorter sessions that allow them to write in between and then ask questions and get feedback. Clients are encouraged to take notes, and Dr. Eli will also be writing during the consultations so that at the end of the meetings clients receive a draft of their project. The draft will not be complete — especially if it is a book-length project – but it will include clear steps on how to continue.

For a free initial consultation, make an appointment with Dr. Sheff by emailing her at drelisheff@gmail.com

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Eli did an exceptional job of taking my unruly research document and turning it into an excellent manuscript that was accepted by a professional journal for publication. It was my first attempt at getting my work published and found Eli to be extremely patient, tenacious, consistently uplifting, positive, supportive and truly believing in the value of my work.

Fantastic editing job Eli! Fantastic making it happen! Cheers!”

~ Rami Henrich

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