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Dr. Eli Sheff at Chattanooga Start Up Week

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I am excited about participating in Chattanooga’s Start Up Week. My first workshop on Monday, Crash Course in Design Thinking, will hopefully help with the redesign of this website. There are so many interesting workshops happening this week that there is no way I can go to everything that appeals to me, but for now I have my eye on making a podcast, low cost marketing, tips on how to negotiate, funding for small businesses, and the kombucha brewery tour.



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Dr. Eli Sheff to Speak at Conference in Spain June 16 – 18




In my first international keynote address, I will be speaking at Foro Poliamor, a polyamory convention that will take place in the countryside of Catalonia, Spain. For more information see http://foropoliamor.org/es/ponentes/



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Getting Ready for Sex Down South, One More Week of Discount Registration


I am thrilled to be presenting at Sex Down South again this year, and wanted to encourage you all to get your early bird tickets while they are still cheap! You can register here at http://sexdownsouth.com/registration/

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Dr. Eli Sheff Excited to be Presenting at Endless Poly Summer


This will be my first time at Endless Poly Summer, and I am thrilled to be presenting at the lovely Abrams Creek Retreat Center in the West Virginia Countryside. Not only do I get to lounge in their creek and do some forest bathing, I get to learn from amazing people like authors Patricia Johnson and Mark Michaels, Tantra practitioner and osteopath Harold Kornylak, and resident grassroots poly big wigs Sarah Taub and Michael Rios. I will be presenting “Untangling LGBTQIAKOP,” “Polyamorous Parenting,” and “What Kids REALLY Think of their Poly Families.”  


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Sex Down South Conference Tons of Fun with Sexy Brains


This first year of the Sex Down South conference was FANTASTIC!!!!!!

Tons of fun, lots of new ideas, great people to chat with, and so many amazing sessions it was difficult to choose what amazing thing I got to learn next. Lucky for us, the organizers plan to do it again next October so start planning now to have your socks knocked off by all of the incredible presenters and attendees.

Some of the highlights:

Tristan Taormino talking about how to make open relationships work

Dinner with Ricci Levy from the Woodhull Alliance for Sexual Freedom

Meeting so many fun new people I can’t even name them all

Seeing some wonderful old friends I had not gotten to see in too long

The absolute best burlesque/spoken word combo I have ever seen

I can’t wait for SDS 2016! Hope to see you there…

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Atlanta Poly Weekend on the Sex Geeks Podcast

Melissa Holder, co-organizer and chief goddess of Atlanta Poly Weekend (APW), and Elisabeth Sheff chatted with the Sex Geeks about the coming APW. Atlanta Poly Weekend is coming right up in just a few week, June 6 – 8. This podcast provides a preview of the presenters and events that weekend — check it out the podcast at www.sexgeeks.podbean.com and then come join us at the Atlanta Perimeter/Dunwoody Holiday Inn. You can find more information at http://atlantapolyweekend.com/

I will be giving three presentations  at APW: the Polyamorists Next Door on Friday night at 8:15, Bringing Sexy Back… For Whom? Race and Class in Poly Culture at 4:30 on Saturday, and the Pains and Pleasures of Unicorn Hunting on Sunday at noon. Come and join in the fun, learn things, meet cool people, and talk about interesting ideas. 



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Rocky Mountain Poly Living April 25 – 27

I will be presenting this coming weekend at the Rocky Mountain Poly Living Conference in Denver. An amazing line up of speakers includes Mim Chapman, Robert McGarey, Rev Bev, Aggie Sesz, Richard Gilmore, Elon, John Hoelle, Alexis Neely, Janet Rose, Ben Silver, Miriam Katz, Suzann Robins, Chas August, Evalena Rose, Julio Cortes, Robyn Trask, and Jesus Garcia. Dossie Easton — community founder and poly goddess extraordinaire — will be  delivering the key note address. 


You can find tickets and more information at https://www.lovemore.com/conferences/polyliving/pl-denver-2014/reg-den/


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