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If you need assistance with writing, choosing a graduate program, advice/assistance publishing your article, or guidance about the next step, then Dr. Elisabeth Sheff can help bring your ideas to life and provide experienced perspective. With a PhD in Sociology and years of experience with academic and popular writing, Elisabeth offers three levels of consulting, as well as editing and indexing. Meetings and discussions can happen in person (if you are in or willing to come to the Atlanta area), on the phone, via Skype, or over email.

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Are you stuck on a paper, unable to quite get that revise and resubmit together, or having a hard time crafting an idea specific enough for a masters thesis or dissertation? Then let Dr. Eli help you untangle your ideas and make a plan to get the writing done, move past the blockage, or edit what you have already written. If you are a slow typist, you can dictate to Eli and she will write your ideas out in academic language. Dr. Eli can also help you with writing style, finding citations, and explaining findings.



Dr. Eli provides assistance for people who are considering going to graduate school and want to make the right choice in graduate programs, improve their application materials, and select the right discipline that will best fit their post-graduate plans.

For students already in graduate programs, Dr. Eli can help with impartial advice about how to handle departmental politics or interactions with professors and peers. She can also advise graduate students regarding transferring to different programs, wording for sensitive issues, and strategies for program completion. As an expert qualitative researcher, Dr. Eli can help you refine your research questions, find respondents, organize masters and dissertation data, and write for publication. She is especially good at crafting research protocols for delicate topics that comply with IRB regulations.



Do you have a masters thesis that could be a publication and instead is languishing untapped? Too much on your plate and having a hard time making time to get that dissertation chapter submitted as an article? Let Dr. Eli take your research and build a framework for your article, provide you with a range of journals appropriate as possible publication outlets for your article, provide you with an annotated bibliography you could use to update and target your literature review to improve your chances of publication, and edit what you have written already.

Stuck on a resubmission, or tired of rejections? Dr. Eli can help you meet reviewers’ requests (or demands) and frame responses for those requests you can’t or don’t want to meet. She can help you reorganize, sharpen, support, and edit what you have written to give it a better chance at being published.

Need an experienced and impartial sounding-board to work through strategies for tenure, navigate departmental politics, or get advice and support for dealing with a challenging professional situation in academia? Elisabeth Sheff has served on many hiring and editorial committees and knows how they work. She can provide guidance, advice, and support based in years of experience from inside and outside academia.

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  • Telephone or Skype: $50 per hour
  • Housecalls, Atlanta Area: $100/hour for first hour; $50/hour per subsequent hour

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