Off the Couch YouTube Series with Dr. Eli Sheff

Image: A green cartoon couch that looks like a conversation bubble in comics. Lauren Buongiovanni, a self-described "thrill-seeking, psychological expert," interviewed Dr. Eli Sheff for her new show, Off The Couch. You can find those mini-episodes here, as well as Lauren's other interviews on interesting topics like sex, marriage, fidelity, online dating, celibacy, and other diverse... Continue Reading →

Sex & Psychology Interviews Dr. Eli Sheff

In my recent interview with Dr. Justin Lehmiller on his podcast Sex & Psychology we discussed my new book Children in Polyamorous Families, expert witnessing as a sex researcher, and the Bonding Project. You can find the podcast here and here Sex and Psychology:

Podcasts with Dr. Eli Sheff During 2019

Image: An Orange microphone graphic As part of a 6 week series summarizing what Dr. Eli was up to over 2019, we are starting with a list of the podcasts who interviewed her last year.   Lexi Sylver at SDC Interviews Dr. Eli Sheff March 8, 2019 Lexi Sylver at Seek Discover Create interviewed me for... Continue Reading →

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