Practical NonMonogamy Tour with Dr. Eli Sheff


Practical NonMonogamy:

An empirical guide to relationship diversity and kinky sex with Dr. Eli Sheff

Workshop Tour 2018

This May I will embark on an 11 city, three month road trip in the United States to provide educational and interactive workshops about polyamory and kinky sex. See the schedule below for dates in a city near you!

You can find tickets and more details here

May 11 & 12               Albuquerque, NM                   Tortuga Gallery

May 14 & 15               Las Vegas, NV                          Dr. Shameless Presents

May 16                        Los Angeles, CA                      Tristan Taormino, Sex Out Loud

May 17                        Los Angeles, CA                      Day of workshops

May 18 & 19               Los Angeles, CA                      Center for Positive Sexuality Conf.

May 20                        Los Angeles, CA                      Day of Workshops

May 24                        Berkeley, CA                           University of California

June 2                          Santa Cruz CA                         Pure Pleasure CE day

June 3                          Santa Clara, CA                       Palo Alto University

June 5                          Santa Cruz, CA                         Pure Pleasure Community Evening

June 8                          Portland, OR                           Karlaina Brooke Presents

June 9                          Portland, OR                           Academy of Eros

June 18 – 22                Missoula, MT                          Greenpath

June 26 –  27                Minneapolis, MN                    L. Radamacher  Presents

June 28                        Minneapolis, MN                    Smitten Kitten


July 6 – 7                      Chicago, IL                               Lifeworks

September 26             Atlanta, GA                             Courtney Geter

September 27             Brooklyn, NY                           Curious Fox Presents




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