Link for Part 2 of Why I am not Polyamorous FIXED

After fixing some spacing issues, the editors at Psychology Today have approved the post and the link is active again. You can find Part 2 of Why I am not Polyamorous But You Might Want to Be at its reactivated link 

Research on range of relationship styles

This graduate student is conducting a study on various forms of relationships, polyamory among them. If you are monogamous or nonmonogamous and in a relationship now, have been in relationship in the past, or plan to be in a relationship in the future, consider responding to this survey. It is brief and not all that... Continue Reading →

International Academic Conference on Polyamory starts today

The third annual International Academic Conference on Polyamory starts today at the Clark Kerr conference center at the University of California, Berkeley. With an amazing line up of speakers, researchers, activists, cultural critics, and polyamorous glitterati, this should be a fabulous event! For more information or to get tickets check out the website at Continue Reading →

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