Marriage and Martinis Podcast Interviews Dr. Eli Sheff

Image: Marriage & Martinis written in white against a purple background next to a martini glass with a pair of wedding rings. Recently Adam and Danielle at Marriage and Martinis interviewed me from a monogamous perspective to understand what polyamory might have to teach monogamous folks. #marriage #polyamory #love #podcast

5 Differences between Polyamory and Polygyny explained in Dr. Eli Sheff’s new Psychology Today Blog

  My most recent blog on Psychology Today explores the differences between these two relationship forms when it comes to gender, history, social integration, and more! You can check it out at Image is of red hearts with golden outlines floating against a black background with colored circles.

How Do I Date Expert Column

The website How Do I Date has invited me to blog for them as well. You can check out my profile at They have lots of great experts giving a wide range of advice, so check out How Do I Date today.

Polyamory and Divorce

Polyamory and divorce interact in at least four ways -- find out how at Psychology Today  

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