Participate in Research on LGBTQ+ Folks in CNM Relationships?

Christopher Stults, an Assistant Professor at the Baruch College of City University of New York, is conducting an internet-based survey on diverse folks in consensually non-monogamous relationships. If you are at least 18 years old, identify as a LGBTQ+ person, and have been or are now in a CNM relationship, then you might consider participating in that …

Continuing Education Webinar on Distinguishing Sex Addiction from CNM Sept. 27

I am looking forward to a fruitful collaboration with Rachel Needle and the Modern Sex Therapy Institutes. On Friday September 27 I will present a webinar on Distinguishing “Sex Addiction” from Consensual NonMonogamy from noon to 1 pm, Eastern time. #polyamory #sexuality #continuingeducation #therapy #counseling#sexualdiversity #love #relationships