Loving Without Boudaries Podcast Interviews Dr. Eli on Kids & Bonding Project

Image: Loving Without Boundaries Logo The amazing and wonderful Kitty Chambliss recently interviewed me for her podcast Loving Without Boundaries. I have been on her show before, so this time (episode 164) we talked about my new book on children in polyamorous families and the Bonding Project. https://lovingwithoutboundaries.com/2021/04/29/podcast-interview-elisabeth-sheff-polyamory-researcher-educator-and-coach/

Sex & Psychology Interviews Dr. Eli Sheff

In my recent interview with Dr. Justin Lehmiller on his podcast Sex & Psychology we discussed my new book Children in Polyamorous Families, expert witnessing as a sex researcher, and the Bonding Project. You can find the podcast here and here Sex and Psychology: https://www.lehmiller.com/podcast/2021/1/13/episode-17-polyamory-fact-versus-fictionApple: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/polyamory-fact-versus-fiction/id1505460817?i=1000505199177

Marriage and Martinis Podcast Interviews Dr. Eli Sheff

Image: Marriage & Martinis written in white against a purple background next to a martini glass with a pair of wedding rings. Recently Adam and Danielle at Marriage and Martinis interviewed me from a monogamous perspective to understand what polyamory might have to teach monogamous folks. #marriage #polyamory #love #podcast https://www.marriageandmartinis.com/podcast/episode/d525482e/conversation-with-polyamory-expert-dr-elisabeth-sheff

Rosie Wilby Interviews Dr. Eli Sheff for the BreakUp Monologues

https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/ian-collins-wants-a-word/the-breakup-monologues Rosie Wilby, hilarious British comic and author of Is Monogamy Dead? (a book I lived, check out the review here), recently interviewed me for her podcast, the BreakUp Monologues. You can find my episode here and the rest of the podcasts on Spotify and iTunes, as well as http://www.breakupmonologues.wordpress.comAnd at the host page http://breakupmonologues.libsyn.com/

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