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Talking to Kids About Polyamory: Anya Manes Interviews Dr. Eli Sheff

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For her series on talking to children about sexuality, Anya Manes interviewed me about how monogamous and polyamorous parents can talk to their kids about polyamory.




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Dr. Eli Sheff on Anya Manes interview series Talking to Kids About Sex

Anya Manes hosts a webseries designed to help parents talk to their children about sex. For her 2017 series, Manes interviews Dr. Eli Sheff.



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Sex Down South Conference Tons of Fun with Sexy Brains


This first year of the Sex Down South conference was FANTASTIC!!!!!!

Tons of fun, lots of new ideas, great people to chat with, and so many amazing sessions it was difficult to choose what amazing thing I got to learn next. Lucky for us, the organizers plan to do it again next October so start planning now to have your socks knocked off by all of the incredible presenters and attendees.

Some of the highlights:

Tristan Taormino talking about how to make open relationships work

Dinner with Ricci Levy from the Woodhull Alliance for Sexual Freedom

Meeting so many fun new people I can’t even name them all

Seeing some wonderful old friends I had not gotten to see in too long

The absolute best burlesque/spoken word combo I have ever seen

I can’t wait for SDS 2016! Hope to see you there…

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