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Bizarro Stories from the Polycule Call for Submissions


Call for Submissions


Bizarro Stories from the Polycule: Adventures in Consensual Non-Monogamy

Edited by Dr. Eli Sheff

Weird shit happens in CNM — weird good and weird bad, weird happy and weird sad. You have stories about it, you know you do. You have talked through them as you decompressed with partners afterwards or told the tale later at a dinner party. Here is a chance to write those stories down and send them to me so I can put them in a new book. Be as out – or not – as you wish; write anonymously, with a pseudonym, initials, or your real name. You can write anything from a haiku about the clerk at the grocery store flirting with your triad, to a story about how you got stuck in that wacky position and had to text your metamour to come and rescue you, or a comic strip about the time your kid accidentally outed you to Great Auntie Florence at your grandfather’s funeral.

Below you can find some ideas of what you might write about – or you might write about something completely different:

  • Dating
  • Relationship Anarchists on the Loose
  • Fun with Chosen Family
  • Coming out
  • Adventures with Family of Origin
  • Sex Escapades
  • Discrimination
  • But What About the Kids?
  • Explaining Us to Strangers
  • Living Together
  • Long Distance Relationships
  • Sharing Partners — the good, the bad, the ugly
  • Dealing with Challenges
  • Aging
  • My How You’ve Changed!
  • Was the Cost Worth It?
  • Social Media
  • Travel
  • Self-concept, Social Identity

Bizarro is the second book in the Stories from the Polycule series. For an example of how this kind of project has turned out in the past, check out my first book in this series, Stories from the Polycule: Real Life in Polyamorous Families that came out with Thorntree Press in 2015.

If you have questions or want to submit something to the book, email Dr. Eli Sheff at drelisheff@gmail.com


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Help Stories from the Polycule Win the Reader’s Choice Award

My second book, Stories From the Polycule: Real Life in Polyamorous Families, is up for the Foreword Reviews INDIEFAB award! Winning one of the awards would be really great news for the book, as it will bring it to the attention of booksellers and librarians across the country. I really hope it will bring more mainstream attention to real-life, down-to-earth poly stories.
The INDIEFAB awards includes a Readers’ Choice category. To win this one, we need to collect comments on the book’s page on the Foreword site. If you want to help, go here:
Then leave a comment (you’ll need to be logged in through Facebook or with a Foreword Reviews account) with the hashtag #INDIEFABFAVE
That’s it! And if you want, you can help out more, you can spread the word, including sharing Thorntree Press’s post about the contest.

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Elisabeth Sheff to Speak at Bookwoman in Austin, Texas on November 23

speaker at podium

If you will be in Austin, Texas, on Monday November 23, please join me at 7pm at BookWoman, Austin’s premier feminist book store. I will talk a bit about how my most recent book, Stories from the Polycule, came together and read a few selections. Audience members will be able to ask questions, and I might read a selection from The Polyamorists Next Door (my first book) if there is time.  I hope to see you at BookWoman at 7pm on November 23, at 5501 North Lamar #A-105, Austin, TX 78751

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Stories from the Polycule now on Bookshare


My newest book, Stories from the Polycule, is now on Bookshare. Bookshare is a website that makes books more readily accessible for people with print disabilities. If you have visual impairment, physical difficulties that make reading problematic, or learning disabilities then consider checking out Bookshare. You can find Stories from the Polycule at https://www.bookshare.org/browse/book/1125790

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Adorable submission to inspire your thoughts, please write something for POLYCULE

Featured image

Christine submitted this great little vignette for my new anthology on polyamorous families, Stories from the Polycule, and said I could post it in a call for further submissions. It made me smile, and I am hoping that it will inspire some of you to contribute your own adorable tidbits.

Conversation with my four year old son, Jax, about polyamory:

Me: “Jax, what do you think about Mommy’s friends?”
Jax: “You have lots of many friends!”
Me: “What different kinds of friends?”
Jax: “Some are like friends that are other mommies and some are like friends who come to our house and some are like special friends.”
Me: “Special friends?”
Jax: “Like Mr. David or Dr. Chris. Like the ones you like to kiss.”
Me: “Mmm hmm.”
Jax: “Because you like to have many special friends but some grown ups like to just have one special friend, like Granny and Rumpah are just one special friend for each other.”
Me: “What do you think about that?”
Jax: “I think that they are happy.”
Me: “Mmm hmmm.”
Jax: “I like to have many friends but I don’t like kissing so I don’t have special friends.”
Me: “Do you think you will have one special friend or many when you grow up?”
Jax: “I will invent a special kissing machine to do that for me so I can have a house for a family of special friends but not have to kiss them.”
Me: “Sounds like a plan.”


Now it is your last chance to submit a story, poem, or drawing for this groundbreaking new book by JANUARY 15, 2015.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding submissions to Stories from the Polycule:

Do the stories have to be positive or flattering to polyamory?
Real families have hard times, and poly families sometimes fall apart at the seams just like other families. To present a realistic picture of poly families, we will include both the advantages and the disadvantages contributors face.

Do the families have to have children?
Families take all sorts of forms, and those made up of all adults count as families too! Elders with or without adult children are also encouraged to write something for the anthology.

May children contribute too?
Children are encouraged to submit something for the book. Kids can draw pictures of their families, write something on their own, or dictate a story to an adult.

What kinds of submissions, and how long should they be?
It depends
on your talents and what you have to say – from a drawing, photograph or few lines of poetry to an entire essay or selection of prose — let your creativity flow.

Do I have to use my real name?
You may if you wish, or you can make-up a different name for the book.

Do contributors get paid?
YES, hopefully.
If the Indiegogo campaign raises enough money for the book to go, we will pay contributors $25. If you want to help us pay contributors, please donate to our crowdfunding campaign and help us fund the book ☺

Who is editing this anthology?
Dr. Elisabeth Sheff,
a researcher who studies polyamory and recently published a book about the findings of her 15-year study, The Polyamorists Next Door: Inside Multiple-Partner Relationships and Families. Thorntree Press (with Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert) is publishing the book.

How can I submit something?
your submission as an attachment to drelisheff@gmail.com

Who should I contact with questions?
Eli Sheff
at drelisheff@gmail.com

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