Off the Couch YouTube Series with Dr. Eli Sheff

Lauren Buongiovanni, a self-described “thrill-seeking, psychological expert,” interviewed Dr. Eli Sheff for her new show, Off The Couch. You can find those mini-episodes here, as well as Lauren’s other interviews on interesting topics like sex, marriage, fidelity, online dating, celibacy, and other diverse ideas.

Leah Marshall Interviews Dr. Eli about Polyamorous Relationships

Image: Blue and white microphone on black background Understanding Polyamory & Open Relationships with Dr. Eli Sheff Polyamory is the practice of more than one intimate relationship with more than one partner, with the informed consent of all partners involved. It’s also referred to as consensual or ethical non-monogamy. It’s a life philosophy that love …

Business Insider Interviews Dr. Eli Sheff on how Tools from CNM can Help Monogamous Folks

Jessica Stillman at Business Insider recently interviewed me for a piece on the things people in monogamous relationships can learn from consensual nonmonogamy. You can find it here