The Center for Alternative Lifestyles Hosts Dr. Eli Jan. 30 & 31



If you are going to be in the Denver area January 30 and 31, consider joining me with the Center for Alternative Lifestyles for a weekend of talks on consensual non-monogamies and their related social and legal issues.


Saturday January 30, 2016

10 – 11:30: Types of Consensual Non-Monogamy and When they Work

12:30 – 2pm: Polyamorous Families with Children

2:30 – 4pm: The Importance of Polyaffectivity to Resilient CNM Families

Sunday January 31, 2016

10 – 11:30: Legal Issues Facing Sexual Minority Families and How to Handle Them

12:30 – 2pm: Sexual Variation vs. Paraphilia and Pathology: Changes in the DSM5

2:30 – 4pm: The Pleasures and Dangers of Unicorn Hunting


Venue:   Denver’s Dangerous Theatre

Venue Phone: 303-922-0068


2620 West 2nd Avenue, #1, Denver, Colorado, 80219, United States
For more information see
I hope to see you there!

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