Celebrate Black Polyamorous Pride This February

The folks at Black Poly Pride have lots going on, celebrating Black Poly History all month this February and having a series of events June 4 – 7 in Washington DC.


From February 1- February 29, Black Poly Pride will be running a campaign which will highlight people, organizations, communities, and works of art that are related to Polyamorous Black History. In our ongoing effort to combat the whitewashing of polyamorous culture, it is important to showcase the living legends that are Black and polyamorous, as well as the culture of Black polyamorous people. To that end, we will be exploring the history of polyamorous communities, organizations, groups, people, and works of art.

Audience participation is invited by following the hashtag #PolyBlackHistory.

Our bios can be found at: https://www.blackpolypride.com/who-s-at-the-table

Day 1: Poly Black History Month & ATL Polyam

Community Day 2: PomSexy Weekend Day 3: PBD Presents: Polyween 

Got Questions? Contact
Chaneé Jackson Kendall, Black Poly Pride Co-Founder BlackPolyPride@gmail.com

“Black Polyamory: A Revolutionary Act” Washington, D.C. June 4-7 

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