New York Magazine Interviews Dr. Eli Sheff



Candice Jalili recently interviewed me for two articles for New York Magazine: Your Complete Guide to Making An Open Relationship Work, includes advice from sex therapist Courtney Watson,  

In 8 Signs a Monogamous Relationship Isn’t For You, Jalili gets it almost complete right, except for number 6. Rather than jealousy, anxiety, or insecurity being “almost disloyal” as Jalili quotes me, I actually think that they are so common as to be almost inevitable (see my Psychology Today blog that gives a long-term perspective on this topic, Some People Truly Don’t Feel Jealousy — Until They Do). I probably said/meant something like poly people can feel disloyal when they feel jealous because it violates polyamorous community norms that emphasize compersion over jealousy.

Image is of a magazine sitting on a wooden table with a cup of coffee and a flowering plant.


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