Center for Positive Sexuality Seeks New Director of Research

The Center for Positive Sexuality is an organization that seeks to address social issues through sex positive research and education, and I have been happily affiliated with them for several years now. This great organization is looking for a Director of Research, which is a wonderful opportunity for someone who wants to build their curriculum vitae while doing some good in the world on behalf of sex positivity. Check out the details below.

Volunteer Opportunity: Director of Research

The Center for Positive Sexuality (Los Angeles) is seeking a new Director of Research. This position counts as very high quality academic service to the profession and therefore may be of particular interest to a full-time faculty member at an academic institution who soon will be seeking promotion and/or tenure. Time demand may fluctuate, but on average requires a commitment of approximately three to five hours per week. 

Desired Qualifications: Ideally, the Director of Research should hold a doctorate degree with academic expertise in human sexuality, a beginning or established peer-reviewed publication record, and strong interest in collaborating with other positive sexuality researchers, practitioners, and educators. Applicants who are highly motivated, currently in a PhD program, have a beginning publication record, and who plan to further an academic career in positive sexuality are also potential candidates for this position. Applicants should possess excellent oral and written communication skills and the ability to manage various collaborative tasks efficiently.

Responsibilities: The Director of Research is also a full executive board member for the Center for Positive Sexuality and thus works closely with the Executive Director and participates in regularly scheduled board meetings (6 per year, either in person or via Skype). The Director of Research helps ensure that content presented in the CPS education and certification programs reflects current positive sexuality scholarship. The Director of Research is responsible for identifying and recruiting new CPS research affiliates, gathering information regarding affiliates’ recent publications and current research projects to post on the CPS website, and working with the CPS Research Coordinator to help match student research assistants (from various colleges and universities) with research affiliates. In times when CPS has external funding available for research, the Director of Research will evaluate and manage proper allocation of research funds. The Director of Research also works with the CPS positive sexuality conference planning committee and provides support, as needed, for the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Positive Sexuality.

To Apply (or for more information): Please contact Emily E. Prior, Executive Director at or D J Williams, Director of Research (current) at

Emily E. Prior, MA


Executive Director

Center for Positive Sexuality


“Addressing social issues through sex positive research and education.”

Image: Hand writing the word RESEARCH in blue marker

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