Dr. Eli Sheff’s 2018 Schedule (So Far)


While my schedule is still evolving, these are the events that are firmly planned so far. Please consider attending one of these events near you!

Dr. Eli Sheff’s Schedule for 2018

February 11 – 14              Atlanta, GA               Lifestyle Live! Coaching Conference

March 23 and 24              Austin, TX              Southwest Sexual Health Alliance Sexceptional Weekend with Dr. Eli Sheff and David Ley

April 6-8                             Tucson, AZ              Southwest Love Fest 

May 11 – 12                       Albuquerque, NM     Tortuga Gallery workshops for therapists and community members

May 18 – 19                      Los Angeles, CA         Center for Positive Sexuality Conference 

May 20                               Santa Clara, CA           Palo Alto University, CE Training, 1 – 4 pm

July 6 – 7                             Chicago, IL                  Lifeworks continuing education for counselors and therapists

September 28                   NY, NY                          Ackerman Institute Training Series 

October 17 – 21                Atlanta, GA                 American Acad. of Psychotherapists Conference 

October 22 to January    Zurich, Switzerland        Visiting Lecturer, University of Zurich


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