Poly Living Conference in Philadelphia February 7-9, Tickets Still Available

There are a limited number of tickets left for the 9th annual Poly Living Conference that begins this Friday, February 21, in Philadelphia. This year’s key note address from respected poly community leader Anita Wagner Illig promises to be be educational and entertaining, and the other 19 workshops cover topics ranging from BDSM to Religion, with gender roles, legal issues, neuroscience and burlesque offer something for everyone. I am excited to present my research on poly families with children, and if you want to catch that session I will see you there on Saturday, February 8 during session two at 10:45 am.

If you can, please come join us and learn new things, meet new people, and mingle with the glitterati of the poly scene (which is usually not very glittery). For more information and to get tickets, you can find Poly Living on the web at


Hope to see you there!

Dr. Elisabeth Sheff, PhD, CASA, CSE

One of a handful of global experts on polyamory and the foremost international expert on children in polyamorous families, Dr. Elisabeth Sheff has studied gender and
families of sexual minorities for the last 16 years. Sheff’s television appearances include CNN, and the National Geographic, and she has given more than 20 radio, podcast, print, and television interviews with sources from Radio Slovenia to National Public Radio, the Sunday London Times to the Boston Globe and Newsweek. By emphasizing research methodology and findings in her discussions, Dr. Sheff presents the kind of public intellectualism that encourages audience members to think critically regarding gender, sexualities, and families.

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