See Dr. Sheff at Emory Sex Week

I will be presenting at Emory Sex Week this coming Thursday 2/13, assuming the weather cooperates and people are able to safely navigate the Atlanta streets. The panel, (Not Your Average) Sex Ed 101, starts at 7:30 in the Few Multipurpose Room and features Elisabeth Sheff, Sally Lehr, and Gaelle Sabben talking about a diverse range of topics from polyamory and BDSM to advances in permanent birth control and sexuality for people of size. Please join us!



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2 responses to “See Dr. Sheff at Emory Sex Week

  1. Will this be recorded? I’d love to attend but I’m up in Connecticut.

    • Hi Abbey,

      I am not sure about recording, but if it is I will definitely put a copy on this site so you can check it out. I am also planning to do a webinar with Loving More on Polyamorous Families with Children, so I will put the word out when that is going to happen too.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

      Cheers, Eli

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