Particpate in Research on Groups of Friends with Benefits?

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Please see the message below from Zoe Hadley who is conducting research on groups of friends who have sex with each other.


I’m an undergrad sociology major (with minors in Gender Studies and African Diaspora Studies) at Ithaca College and I’m currently conducting a research study exploring the phenomenon of people in friend groups having sex with one another– different from dyadic (one on one) “friends with benefits” situations or polyamorous relationships. By studying the personal experiences of those who have participated in such a situation, I hope to find out how these situations first come to fruition, the pros and cons of maintaining it, and what this means for the shifting boundaries within and between the concepts of sex, love, and friendship.

I am looking for people 18 years of age or older who have had current or past experience with a friend group that matches what is described above and are interested in being interviewed by me! You must be willing to share personal thoughts, feelings, and experiences about said relational and sexual situations.

Participants will be interviewed once via Zoom. The interviews are semi-structured– I will have questions prepared but I am interested in hearing any relevant personal experiences that participants wish to share. The interview will last roughly 45 minutes to an hour and will be audio recorded. all participants will be given a pseudonym and the only person who will be able to connect the individual to their pseudonym is me. Transcripts and recordings will be kept in password-protected environments. Participants are free to abstain from answering any of the questions asked and are free to withdraw from the interview at any time without any penalty. I have received IRB approval through the delegated IRB process via Ithaca College.

This data is being used for my thesis research and is connected to my coursework in my studies of Sociology. There is potential for it to be used for presentation at future undergrad conferences and/or publication in an academic journal.

If this is something you’re interested in or you’d like more information, please reach out to me via my email: ! If you have any concerns, my supervisor can be reached at

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