FREE Tickets for Premier of HomoSayWhat? Tonight

Image of movie poster with broken rainbow heart and political buildings

First 40 people free
Use this 100% off free coupon code: CLSfriends – put the code into eventbrite  

Join us tonight for the online premiere of HOMOSAYWHAT – WHO’S PUSHING HATE.The documentary, directed by Craig Bettendorf, examines how orchestrated campaigns by cultural institutions and public figures have systemically instilled anti-LGBTQ prejudice into American culture by shaping public opinion. While the film’s focus is on the (primarily) white, gay male experience, it points to systemic prejudice and how insidious and pervasive it can be. As seen in the film, efforts by the LGBTQ community in 80s/90s to end hate can offer serve as a parallel to the current Black Lives Matters movements.

Today’s event starts at 5:00pm PT/8:00pm ET with an introduction by director Craig Bettendorf, and Producer Kai Morgan. A Q&A will follow the screening with Dr. Eli Sheff and the filmmakers with cast members Steven Scholz and Sean Bowe.

First 40 guests are FREE.

Go here and use code: CLSFriends And…tell a friend!Cheers,
CLS Team  

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