Two New Reviews of The Polyamorists Next Door


Ken Haslam reviewed The Polyamorists Next Door for the journal Sexual and Relationship Therapy at

Haslam says of the book:

“I come away from this book with the impression that the polyamory community is on the cutting edge of social research and by trial and error they are learning those sexual, communication, and relationship skills necessary to establish the non-traditional, multi- partnered family of the twenty-first and twenty-second centuries. This book will be most useful to the non-judgmental and well-informed therapist who can play a major role in guiding those with problems as well as newcomers into the polyamorous community.”


Jessica Burde at Polyamory on Purpose reviewed the book, which you can read here

In her review Burde says:

“There is a lot of fascinating information in The Polyamorists Next Door, and many polyamorists will enjoy reading it to see the results of Dr. Sheff’s studies of polyamory. Poly parents will find interesting (and useful!) information in the sections on children raised in poly families.

However at the end of the day, this book isn’t written for us. Instead, it is the book polyamory has needed for decades. A book written not for people who want to be polyamorous, but for monogamists who want to understand polyamory. You know the question that pops up in every poly forum eventually “What book can I get for my (parents/friends/siblings/friends) to help them understand polyamory?”

You can read the review and lots of other interesting things at Polyamory on Purpose. While you are there, check out Burde’s book on pregnancy and polyamory for quite an interesting read.

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