New Book on Poly Families, Opportunity for Poly Family Members to Participate

Please see the information listed below about a new book on poly families that will (hopefully) contain your stories!


My name is Richard Gilmore. I am a member of a MFFM quad. We have been in this configuration for over 13 years. My partner Elon and I have written a book called, Creating A Line Family. Our editor (Alan of Poly in the Media) made a good suggestion, include personal stories. So what we are looking for are interview volunteers who are members of a poly family. Here are some of the questions we would like to hear about.

1. What types of intimacies – besides sexual – do you share with your partners?
2. What vision, or long range plans do you have for your family?
3. How are household chores managed, both regular duties and emergent failures?
4. How is “family money handled?” By this we are talking about real property ownership, investments, community personal property, etc.
5. How will you support launching any children?
6. How do you make decisions as a group?
7. Do you plan, or have any family businesses?
8. Do any other issues come to mind?
You can see an early, rough draft of the book at
We really need personal stories to make the book come alive. Funny stories are great, stories of failures can also be instructive.
All names, locations and personally identifying details will be changed to protect everyone’s privacy. 
The book price will be as low as we can make it. We really want this information out there. Therefore we expect to make little to no money on this publication. That means all we can offer you is our sincere thanks and maybe a signed copy of the book. 
Please message me to arrange an interview. 
Thank you for taking time to read and consider our request.

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