Consider Participating in Doctoral Research on Polyamory

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A colleague asked me to help publicize the research they’re doing for their doctorate in psychology. For more information see below.


My name is Ryan Noel, M.A., and I am a doctoral clinical psychology student at The Wright Institute in Berkeley, California. This confidential study explores the life stories of individuals who identify, relate, or describe their intimate desires as polyamorous. Participants will be asked interview questions about important life events and their imagined future. Your participation would assist me in the completion of this study. If you choose to participate, your participation would involve filling out a demographics and consent form, as well as participation in an, approximately 90 minutes, interview with me in person or over video chat. Your completed materials can be returned to me and will be kept completely confidential and anonymous. Please feel free to contact me at with any questions. 

4 thoughts on “Consider Participating in Doctoral Research on Polyamory

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  1. Just wondering why the heck nobody who tried polyamory by either having it forced on them, or heck, being curious – and ended up in misery is ever allowed to participate in these studies. I am in a group of such people and I find we are completely ignored in favour of continuing to push this lifestyle as a net good. It is possible to take the polyamory “bibles” and use them as self-help books to completely Stockholm syndrome yourself or your spouse into a lifestyle that is enormously bad for you and not only is there no acknowledgement of this, there is no help for it either.

    1. Hi Jen,
      It sounds like you have had a terrible experience with polyamory. If you were in my study I would certainly want to hear about how and why things went wrong with that relationship. While I am not seeking respondents because it is a longitudinal study and I am following the same group I started with in the mid 1990s, I think that other researchers are often interested in the range of experiences people have with polyamory, and not just the happy ones. Have you been turned away from a study you attempted to join?

      Either way, I am sorry to hear about your pain and hope that things get better for you.


      Dr Eli

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