Dr. Eli Sheff Continuing Education Tour with Sexual Health Alliance

Denver dates coming right up, CE classes November 8 and 9 near downtown Denver — tickets at

Elisabeth Sheff

Image: Sexual Health Alliance Monoamish Tour written in stylized handwriting against a sparkly colorful background

I have the pleasure of working with the amazing Heather McPherson at the Sexual Health Alliance and her team of sex ed celebs — people like Tristan Taormino and Dr. David Ley — to provide continuing education for counselors and therapists. Our 2019 – 2020 cities are:

LA, Oct. 10 & 11 https://sexualhealthalliance.com/gc-lecture-series

Denver, Nov. 8 & 9 https://sexualhealthalliance.com/denver-aasect

Austin, Nov. 15 & 16 https://sexualhealthalliance.com/sw-lecture-series

Dallas, Dec. 6 & 7  https://sexualhealthalliance.com/dallas-lecture-series

More details to come for 2020 cities!
Chicago- https://sexualhealthalliance.com/gl-lecture-series
Seattle- https://sexualhealthalliance.com/seattle-healthtraining

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