Shopping at Harry Pottery Barn



I am not a big shopper. If I have a day to myself, I would much rather hike or swim — shopping is not a fun pastime for me. The fact that I have recurrent dreams about shopping seems outlandish to me, especially because they are so much more fun than shopping in the waking world. When I shop in my dreams, it is always at Harry Pottery Barn — an unseen second level of magical housewares and furniture above the main floor of Muggle housewares.


When the dream starts, I am always up in the second level, already shopping. I have no idea how to get there or find it from the Muggle side. A few weeks ago I bought some exploding dishes, and last night I got three wonderful lights — a turtle, a frog, and a mushroom — that spork into the lawn and use solar cells to store energy during the day and release it as a soft glow at night. Because they are magical lights, these specific ones follow people along the path as they walk from the street to the front door. The turtle and frog have feet, but I am not sure how the mushroom moves.


I have never met anyone else who has recurrent shopping dreams. How about you, dear readers, do any of you dream of shopping? Will I meet any of you in Harry Pottery Barn?


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