Help Zane with treatment for his brain damage

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My nephew Zane Goicovich had a major seizure, and we are having a fundraiser to raise money for his medical care. This message below gives more information. Please help if you can.


Five years ago our son, Zane, nearly died. He had a four-hour seizure that left him forever changed. With a goal of ridding him of these debilitating seizures, he had brain surgery. Doctors removed his left temporal lobe, amygdala and hippocampus. They estimated that with the surgery there was an 80% chance Zane would be completely cured.

Unfortunately, two months after the surgery, Zane had another massive seizure. Tests showed that the seizure activity had moved to the other side of his brain. This is rare. We were devastated. That initial seizure left Zane with brain damage at the tender age of two- years old. Since then, he has been diagnosed with drug-resistant epilepsy, autism and sensory processing disorder. The sensory processing disorder makes it difficult to go out to events with lots of noise, light or people.

But things did get better after the surgery. For the past two years Zane has had far fewer seizures, his behavior improved dramatically, and he was doing great in school. Maybe things would be OK. Our smiles grew bigger.

This past spring, Zane started having headaches – cluster headaches that would go on for days and migraines that were incapacitating. This fall, things got much worse with him having more seizure activity and more autistic-like symptoms. He often asks, “Am I going to die?”

Zane’s condition can make him aggressive. However, Zane is also one of the most affectionate, beautiful people you could ever meet, making for a strange dichotomy. He gives the best hugs. He gives his brother, Gavin and us, multiple kisses each day. He is obsessed with worms. Every morning, while still in pajamas, Zane gets on his shoes and jacket and go search the backyard for worms. “I found a big fat one!” Zane calls happily and gives it a kiss. He often asks people,” Do you know worms?”

Zane has an MRI and overnight EEG scheduled at the Denver Children’s Hospital from February 11-12, 2013. That is the soonest they can get us in and it feels like an eternity to wait. We are hoping to know more after those tests are run.

There are ways that you can help.

First and foremost, keep us in your heart. Think good thoughts for us. If you pray, keep us in your prayers. When Zane got sick before, we felt people’s love holding us up, holding us together. At times it felt like that love was the only thing that got us through. Second, if you have extra air miles, we could sure use them. Third, we could use extra help, be it funds for Zane’s care, a meal or some time.

Lastly, thank you. Thank you for your kindness and support. This process has taught us to reach out and ask for help, and to accept it as the gift it is, when given. Many people have told us how lucky Zane is to have us as his parents. We count ourselves lucky to have him and his brother as sons and to have the love and support of our family, our friends and our incredible community, both near and far. We know that there are many challenging days ahead. But Zane also reminds us that our lives, though fragile, are also a blessing.

With love and gratitude, Elaine Sheff & John Goicovich


Click Here To Support Zane’s World Medical Fundraiser

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