Call for Book Proposals on Diverse Sexualities, Genders, & Relationships

We are still accepting submissions for this books series on diverse gender, sexuality, and relationships!

Elisabeth Sheff

Call for Book Proposals

Diverse Sexualities, Genders, and Relationships Series

In collaboration with the publishers Rowman and Littlefield, Drs. Richard Sprott and Elisabeth Sheff invite you to submit book proposals for the Diverse Sexualities, Genders and Relationships Series. We seek books based on evidence-based approaches to understanding and serving diverse individuals, couples and families; cutting edge reports of the latest empirical research on these topics; and current reports on trends in cultural and societal developments on the status and place of diverse sexualities, genders and relationships especially as they intersect with institutions such as education, law, healthcare, religion, and public policy. Books should include an awareness of the intersections of race, culture, social class, (dis)ability, and other factors that shape the social locations and life courses of sexual, gender and relationship minorities.

This series aims to provide sound and critical resources for the continuing education of professionals in counseling, marriage…

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Secure Poly Immersion Workshop

The Secure Poly Immersion, a 3-hour workshop with Jessica Fern, author of Polysecure, and Derek Hart, America’s Relationship Rebuilder, along with Lea Aella, creator of the Secure Poly Toolkit  Learn more 

Loving Without Boudaries Podcast Interviews Dr. Eli on Kids & Bonding Project

Image: Loving Without Boundaries Logo The amazing and wonderful Kitty Chambliss recently interviewed me for her podcast Loving Without Boundaries. I have been on her show before, so this time (episode 164) we talked about my new book on children in polyamorous families and the Bonding Project.

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