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Strategies to Manage Jealousy


In my first in a pair of blogs about jealousy I looked at jealousy in polyamorous and monogamous relationships. The second blog details five strategies useful for managing jealousy.


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Jealousy Blog on Psychology Today

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In my most current blog on Psychology Today, I begin a two  part series on jealousy. Part 1, Confronting Jealousy, looks at different conceptions of jealousy.



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Alternative Relationship Education Workshop Event

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The Alternative Relationship Education Workshop Event — AREWE — is scheduled for March 12, 2016 at the Philip Rush Center in Atlanta. I will be teaming with other local professionals to provide an CEU Workshop on sexual, gender and relational diversity – Alternative Relationships! If you’ve ever had to refer a client away because you weren’t familiar or were uncomfortable with their relationship style, join us March 12th. 6 CEUs available for counselors, psychologists, and social workers.

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Dr Eli and Other Relationship Experts on Romance in a Digital Era

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The folks at The Kewl Shop asked me and other relationship experts to answer the question “How do you have a healthy, balanced, and loving relationship in a digital world filled with noise?” You can check out our answers here.

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Audience Member Testimonial


Testimonial from an audience member at the Center for Alternative Lifestyles

As a relatively new member of the local kink community, I have encountered many situations involving varying degrees of consensual non-monogamy in different relationships. But as a single working mother of two children, I am constantly plagued by custody concerns, their emotional health, finding life balance and deciding on who to disclose to. After attending a weekend of sessions presented by Dr. Sheff, I feel better educated and at ease with my lifestyle choices and finding balance in my decisions.


Eli Sheff is the best presenter I’ve had the privilege of seeing in a long time. I really enjoyed her presentations not only because they were informative and valuable, but because Eli is a PHENOMENAL speaker. As an expert in Polyamory, she was able to back her information with good hard facts and a lot of research. She not only engaged everyone in the audience on multiple levels, but also facilitated the questions and comments in a respectful manner. Her sessions were valuable to anyone in any alternative lifestyle. I found myself relating the information to many different relationships I have at work, in play, and at home.


I wholeheartedly recommend her as a presenter for anyone looking for someone with excellent public speaking skills. She’s experienced with a wide variety of topics, which will allow her to engage with your entire audience. She does NOT disappoint!


-HW, attendee at one of the Center for Alternative Lifestyle sessions in Denver, 2016

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InfinityCon this weekend



The inaugural meeting of InfinityCon happens this weekend at the Crowne Plaza Atlanta-Airport hotel at 1325 Virginia Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30344.

I am thrilled to be giving the keynote address. My schedule is here and you can buy tickets here   and you can find the master schedule here.

Day passes are available at the door for $50.

I hope to see you there!

For Eli’s schedule see

and for tickets see



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