Revenge of the Vegans

Turns out those veggie eaters have been right the whole time, according to new findings from the World Health Organization that found eating processed meats like bacon or sausage to be as carcinogenic as cigarettes and asbestos -- scary stuff! Not only is meat-eating deadly for the environment and contributes more global climate change gases... Continue Reading →

Why use the term White Privilege?

One of my readers, Wortmanberbger, responded one of my previous blogs on White Fragility with the following : Fine, but there is the danger of an ideologically distorting influence inherent in the phrase “white privilege”, which tends to frame these discussions. Whites are not privileged. Black people are oppressed, and white people are not, generally speaking,... Continue Reading →

Purple Prose: Bisexuality in Britain

Those funky Brits are at it again, talking about the smart and interesting parts of sex in all their varied forms. This time Kate Harrad heads up an all star team of editors extraordinaire to create a guide to bisexuality in the UK. Please check out their Indiegogo campaign page with tons of interesting information, and consider... Continue Reading →

How Do I Date Expert Column

The website How Do I Date has invited me to blog for them as well. You can check out my profile at They have lots of great experts giving a wide range of advice, so check out How Do I Date today.

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