Young Adult Library Services Association includes polyamory in reading list

While polyamory remains controversial in some sectors, the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) has included information regarding polyamory on their website. You can check out their short and well-done article on their reading recommendations at


Atlanta Poly Weekend this Weekend! Classes and Workshops

Classes and Workshops. Come and see some very interesting folks talking about polyamory as it relates to aging, communication, how to make your relationships suck, ethics and ethical relationships, neuroscience, love languages, therapy, self-care, relationship anarchy, safer sex, skeptical monogamy, cooperative drawing, tarot, unicorns, poly families with kids, and race/ethnicity and white privilege. The Atlanta... Continue Reading →

Link for Part 2 of Why I am not Polyamorous FIXED

After fixing some spacing issues, the editors at Psychology Today have approved the post and the link is active again. You can find Part 2 of Why I am not Polyamorous But You Might Want to Be at its reactivated link 

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