Elisabeth Sheff on Ask The Expert with io9 on April 17 from 2 – 3pm EST

Do you have questions on polyamory? Ask the expert! Log on to www.io9.com just before 2pm EST (11am PST) on April 17 to ask Elisabeth Sheff your polyamory related questions. 

Talk with you then!

You can find this interview at http://io9.com/ask-a-sociologist-about-polyamory-marriage-and-famili-1564221488

6 thoughts on “Elisabeth Sheff on Ask The Expert with io9 on April 17 from 2 – 3pm EST

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  1. The Yahoo Group – PolyMono – has, over the past few days had an amazing increase in posts that are mainly from ‘mono’s’ who are trying to understand what they are having to face – as in … their partner has dropped a ‘poly’ bombshell & now they ask …. what the **** or ‘heck’ do I do now! Thought you might like to know this ….

    I follow your posts – (I’m from Toronto)

    I expect to meet you in Denver in 10 days!




    Michael Ford.

    Direct – (905) 330-4989

    Skype: Michael.Ford

    “We Cannot Direct the Wind but …

    We Can Adjust Our Sails”

    1. Hey Michael,

      Thanks for writing, and I appreciate you following my posts. I am interested in the poly/mono or mono/poly relationship format, thanks for mentioning the conversation.

      Please do say hey in Denver 🙂

      Cheers, Eli

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