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Diversity and Polyamory

I have a new blogpost on the Psychology Today website on polyamory and diversity at


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Link to my interview with Central Time, Wisconsin Public Radio

If you missed my interview on Central Time (a Wisconsin Public Radio) this week, you can find it in their archives at

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(Im)Morality and Polyamory

Is it possible to be moral and polyamorous? My new blog on Psychology Today answers that question and more

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Is Polyamory Genetically Based?

I don’t know either, but these folks are trying to find out. If you identify as polyamorous and would consider participating in a research study investigating a potential genetic influence on polyamory, check out the information below.

Polyamory Personal Genomics Study

The citizen scientists over at DIYGenomics are recruiting volunteers for an opt-in genomics study on polyamorous participants.

Melanie Swan is coordinating the study, so if you’re poly, have some 23andMe [DIY genetics] data, and are up for contributing to science, you can contact her at .


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Does Polyamory Work?

New blogpost on Psychology Today



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Fear of the Polyamorous Possibility


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