4 responses to “Help test these questions on non-monogamies?

  1. Brooks

    I feel like your question 6 is missing one (or perhaps two) of the most common answers that people would have: “I have no desire for an additional romantic/sexual relationship,” and “Did not find any partners that I wanted to engage in such relationships with.”

  2. Cathleen Giordano

    Strongly agree with Brooks about question 6.
    Question 7 only has the last case listed in both an “informed” and “uninformed” manner. While I would hope the case for all people would be that when married or partnered, it is always wrong to withhold such information, I still feel this option should be included to further research. There are people in the world who feel entitled to keep secrets about their life even within the bonds of a partnership.

    Thank you for conducting this research. I’m very interested to see results when they’re out.

    • Thanks Cathleen,

      I appreciate your willingness to read and consider these questions. Unfortunately there are so few responses in this cumbersome format that I do not really anticipate having results per se from this. What I do hope is to refine the questions enough that it makes sense to post them somewhere that can actually host the questionnaire in a meaningful way (Survey Monkey?) and rope someone with a quantitative brain (graduate student perhaps) in to helping me crunch the numbers. So if you know any number crunchers who are willing to take a stab at online data collection, please send them my way :)

      Thanks again,


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