Polycule Book Release Party at Charis Books October 23

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Please join me at Charis Books and More in Atlanta at 7:30pm on Friday October 23 for the release of my new anthology, Stories from the Polycule: Real Life in Polyamorous Families. I will speak briefly about the book and attendees will have time for questions.

If you already have a copy of the book, feel free to bring it for me to sign. If not, you can pick one up at Charis and I will be happy to sign it for you if you like. While you are at Charis, be sure to peruse their shelves overflowing with excellent reads of all sorts.

Book Release Party

October 23, 2015


Charis Books and More

1189 Euclid Ave, NE Atlanta, GA 30307 

Contact us:



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Publishers Weekly reviews Stories from the Polycule

Polycule-Front-Cover-FINAL3 copy

Stories from the Polycule just got a great review from Publishers Weekly, and I am thrilled! Thanks to all of you who helped to make that project a reality, now we can all watch it fly.


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Six Reasons Why the Woodhull Summit Completely Rocks

human rights for all

I just returned from the Woodhull Alliance for Sexual Freedom’s annual Summit and had a fantastic time. This is my second trip to the Woodhull Summit so I knew to expect some great conversation with interesting people, and I was not disappointed. Seven great things keep running around in my head as I reflect on the Summit, and I offer them here as a countdown to my very favorite moment of the event.

Generally I have become quite bored with sex, because I see too often see it portrayed as something only available to young, slender, conventionally attractive people and focused on selling everything from toothpaste to cars. Unless I look hard, it is difficult to discover positive and diverse portrayals of sexuality that are respectful of the people pictured. This Summit reminded me how interesting sex can be when smart and creative people use a framework of consent and respect to push the boundaries of the Puritanical envelope that confines so much of society in the US.

As a major nerd, I love to geek out to smart people’s ideas and this Summit was full of them! From Charlie Glickman and Tamara Pincus to Nancy Polikoff and John D’Emilio, I was in smart and sexy heaven hearing my intellectual heroes talking about big ideas.

Each of the sessions I attended elegantly wove in awareness of the ways in which race, class, gender, (dis)ability, age, nationality, and other social factors shape the ways in which people can access and express their sexualities.

There were so many stunningly gorgeous people dressed in exotic and enticing attire that sometimes I had to just stand back and appreciate the crowd. With such an electric and convivial atmosphere, I found myself becoming much cuter than I have been in a long time.

Smart is the new sexy, and this was one sexy ass event! From an institute on aging and sexuality to parsing the social and legal distinctions between sex work and sex trafficking, each session was loaded with super smart people saying interesting and enlightening things. I love to learn, and the environment at the Woodhull Summit is saturated with fascinating people saying remarkable things that tickled my brain in new and exciting ways.

My very favorite moment of the Summit came on Saturday night when the Summit goers shared the bottom floor of the Hilton with a ball for Army Computer Intelligence officers. It was easy to tell who was with which crowd – Summit attendees in corsets and fetish wear, and Army officers in uniforms with women (wives it seemed) in stunning ball gowns. Walking from the elevators through the Army ball lounge area back to the Summit ballroom was an experience, with both groups eyeing each other with interest. When the sizzling queen of smart porn, Nina Hartley, walked through the throng of military uniforms it was quite entertaining to watch recognition dawn on some of the men’s faces, and their jaws literally dropped as she passed by. Nina’s sassy humor won out and she ended up taking photos with some of the officers. In my own mind, I played a scene of the men recognizing another porn star and regular feature at the Summit, Buck Angel. Buck pioneered his own special quadrant of transgender porn and is famous as the man with a pussy. I did not see any of the Army officers recognize Buck, but in my imagination they all knew exactly who he is.


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Why Monogamy Isn’t

bride on horseback

My new blog on Psychology Today addresses why monogamy isn’t


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New Interview with Elisabeth Sheff on The Other Future

interview in magnifying glassI just recently did an interview with Roy Waidler at The Other Future, you can check it out at https://sites.google.com/site/theotherfuture/interviews

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Two Psychology Today blogs on Plural Marriage

In response to public conversations about the possibility of legalized same-sex marriage leading to plural marriage, I have written two blogs addressing why multiple-partner marriage would not make the sky fall and how society might arrange plural marriages. You can check them out on the Psychology Today website

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Review of Ascension

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Some of you have probably already read Jacqueline Koyanagi’s wonderful science fiction adventure Ascension, because it was published in 2013. Those of you who enjoy sci fi and have not yet had a chance to read this excellent book are in for a treat. A blend of a closely-knit crew on semi-legal runs throughout the universe reminiscent of Firefly and a sentient ship similar to Moya in Farscape, the plot of Ascension has a few twists that will surprise and delight even the most jaded reader who has seen/read it all. Ascension chronicles the adventures of Alana Quick as she stows away on the ship Tangled Axion in the hopes of not only saving her sister from unknown villains, but also of seeing the universe. Of course Alana is discovered and skirts the edge of annihilation by expulsion into deep space to eventually become part of the crew. Alana’s relationship with her sister is complex and compelling, a rare treat to see women’s non-sexual relationships with each other treated with such tenderness and depth.

Of potentially specific interest to readers of this blog, Koyanagi’s skillful depiction of polyamorous relationships blends in to the plot so well that it does not stand out as an artificial addition but as an integral part of the characters’ lives. After reading a raft of sci fi novels that focus extensively on sex scenes — sometimes at the expense of a decent plot — it was refreshing to read Koyanagi’s descriptions of the passion Alana feels for her wayward captain, the alluring and dangerous Tev, without such a detailed description of their sexual interactions that nothing is left to the imagination. Koyanagi’s plot is quite strong enough to stand on its own, and it keeps readers engaged without having to resort to gratuitous sex.

Not only do I highly recommend this excellent read to anyone who enjoys science fiction about badass queer women and their mostly human male lover/companion, I hope that you join me in encouraging Koyanagi to write more about the Tangled Axion crew. While the complex characters would make for a great series, it does not appear that Koyanagi has written any more about this fascinating crew. Please join me in purchasing Koyanagi’s existing book Ascension and lobbying her to write some more.

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